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At Baroid, we are at the forefront of the drilling and completion fluids industry, and our mission is to develop and deploy innovative fluid technologies that can ultimately help you produce more for less. To ensure maximum fluid performance, we engineer state-of-the-art separation solutions that will remove unwanted solids at the surface, ensure recovery of fluids for reuse in the active system, and optimize your rate of penetration (ROP).

We know you are focused on delivering the highest level of performance in your fields and your wells. That's why, at Baroid, we are focused on delivering fluid performance to help you maximize the value of your asset.

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Summary Operator Gains Twice the Screen Life for Half the Cost, Using BaraMesh® Shaker Screens Mar 2019
Summary Successful Indirect Displacement and Wellbore Cleanout in High-Angle Deepwater Well Saves 24 Hours of Rig Time Feb 2019
Summary N-FLOW™ -325 Breaker System Increases Production by 30% in Giant Boscán Heavy Oil Field Dec 2018
Summary Custom Dual Solids Control Systems on Drillship Maintain High-Rate Processing Over Five-Well Program with Zero NPT Sep 2018
Summary Vacuum-Feed Vertical Cuttings Dryer Simplifies Operations, Saves Costs Sep 2018
Summary BaraXcel™ HP NAF System Eliminates Two Intervals and Cuts Rig Time in Half Aug 2018
Summary Customized BaraXcel™ HP NAF Aug 2018
Summary Customized BaraXcel™ Fluid System Aug 2018
Summary BaraXcel™ HP NAF System Enables Operator to Drill Wolfcamp Well in Record Time Aug 2018
Summary BaraXcel™-N HP NAF and BARACARB® LCM Enable Operator to Avoid Sticking Issues in Depleted Sands Aug 2018
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Technical Papers - OnePetro
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