Coring Services

Halliburton is the industry leader in managing in-depth coring services that add value to your reservoir. We have over 40 years experience obtaining cores from every basin around the world and in some of the most challenging applications — from the ultra-unconsolidated to the hardest rock in a harsh environment, and extreme condition applications.

When it comes to coring, we know what the industry wants: for the job to be delivered in the most timely and efficient manner while obtaining the highest possible recoveries of useful rock for data evaluation. In delivering these requirements, we've set the standard for the rest of the industry.

Coring Services

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Summary Finding Success on the Over-Mature Fringes of Organic Shale Plays Aug 2018
Summary Streamlined Well Construction Eliminates 71 Days of Rig Time, Saving Consortium USD 90 Million Apr 2017
Summary The Halliburton Xaminer™ Coring Tool retrieved 71 sidewall core Sep 2015
Summary Full Closure PosiClose Yields High Recovery May 2015
Summary Larger cores help provide operators a better understanding of reservoir dynamics Sep 2012
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CoreVault® System
Built into the proven Xaminer® Coring Tool, our CoreVault® system can capture up to 10 samples in a sealed container—in one run. Our container safely locks your critical reservoir fluids in your cores. The container prevents reservoir fluids from escaping during core retrieval and transport. Once transported to a laboratory, the reservoir fluids in those cores can be measured and analyzed.
RockStrong™ Coring System
The RockStrong™ coring system is designed specifically for HPHT environments, and hard, abrasive rock where vibration can cause tool damage and compromise coring performance.
Xaminer® Coring Tool
Our Xaminer® Coring Tool sets the bar for large-diameter cores in deep water. Our versatile, reliable coring tool is a new approach for acquiring multiple sidewall core samples. The service is engineered to provide a combination of high-speed bit rotation, torque, and bit advancement for optimal drilling performance.
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