Hole Enlargement

Halliburton DBS offers high-performance downhole tools for your hole enlargement needs

We offer innovative drilling technologies to mitigate drillstring vibration during hole enlargement. Our hole enlargement tools operate efficiently, improving equivalent circulating density (ECD), reducing the risk for fracturing formations, plus torque and drag reduction to overcome your drilling challenges.

The Halliburton hole enlargement solutions can help solve your challenges whether you are using a rotary steerable BHA, a steerable motor BHA, or a conventional rotary drilling system.

Hole Enlargement

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Summary GOM: Rotary Steerable System and Industry’s Closest At-Bit Reamer Save Operator 48 Hours and USD 2 Million Oct 2017
Summary GeoTech, TDReam, and XR Reamer Norway Case History Jun 2015
Summary Multiple reaming trips to reduce rathole length are a thing of the past May 2014
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NBR® Tool
The Near Bit Reamer tool has borehole enlargement capabilities up to 1.2 times the pilot hole diameter.
TDReam™ Tool
Reducing Rathole Length While Increasing Risk Mitigation
XR™ Reamer
The XR™ reamer tool is Halliburton’s premium hole enlargement tool, engineered for reliability and to minimize vibrations
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