Wellbore Service Tools

Halliburton Wellbore Service Tools offers complete services worldwide incorporating the most advanced technology in tool design, materials, and deliveries, including a broad portfolio of retrievable service tools and wellbore cleaning technology. Our leadership in tools helped lead the way - along with close customer collaboration and uniquely customized solutions - in making Halliburton the worldwide leader in completions.

Some of the best known and most widely used Halliburton products are the CHAMP® IV and RTTS® retrievable packers. Halliburton provides a vast array of retrievable tools for various applications such as wellbore and stimulation isolation, cement squeezing operations, and drillstem testing and tubing conveyed perforating requirements.

The revolutionary CleanWell® system gives operators a wide range of high-value services designed to improve efficiency and reduce risk during well construction and completions. Thanks to cutting edge technologies, innovative designs and integrated solutions, the CleanWell system can help operators reliably achieve higher profit margins with lower risks.

Wellbore Service Tools

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Summary Successful Indirect Displacement and Wellbore Cleanout in High-Angle Deepwater Well Saves 24 Hours of Rig Time Feb 2019
Summary CleanWell® Solutions Help Operator to Effectively Clean Up Challenging Big-Bore ERD Well Jan 2019
Summary Inflow Tech® Packer Enables Operator to Identify Liner-top Leaks in Long and Complex Big-Bore ERD Well Oct 2018
Summary Integrated Operation Saves Operator Five Hours of Rig Time Oct 2018
Summary Intercept® Retrievable Bridge Plug is Successfully Installed and Then Retrieved After Nine Months in Wellbore Aug 2018
Summary Halliburton Retrievable Tools Save Operator $750,000 Jul 2018
Summary Halliburton PinPoint Injection (PPI) Packer Isolates Multiple Zones in a Single Trip Jul 2018
Summary Intercept® Retrievable Bridge Plug Provides V0 Barrier on Two Batch Wells with Zero NPT Apr 2018
Summary CleanWell® Technology Saves $1.6 Million on Two Wells Feb 2018
Summary CleanWell® Technology Saves Two Days of Rig Time Offshore Feb 2018
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