Unconventional Resources

Delivering a lower cost per BOE in shale, tight gas, coalbed methane, and heavy oil – from initial field exploration through well production.

Basin-specific knowledge and expertise, global experience, and innovative technologies have established Halliburton as North America's leader in unconventional resources, leveraging lessons learned locally and replicating success in emerging unconventional markets worldwide.

  • Subsurface Insight accelerates reservoir understanding and recovery
    Knowing what's below the surface – where to drill, how to drill, where to frac, and how to frac – makes it possible to locate bypassed reserves more precisely, and maximize the NPV of your asset.
  • Customized Chemistry helps improve well economics and increase production
    Tailored fracturing fluids for your unconventional well can boost production and significantly increase estimated ultimate recovery rates for new completions and refracturing operations.
  • Surface Efficiency can save costs and reduce environmental impact
    Reliable and efficient operations can result in less capital and fewer personnel on location, time and cost savings, and lessen environmental footprint.

We work closely with our customers around the world to increase EUR and help them lower their cost per BOE, every step of the way.

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ACTIVATE® Refracturing Service

ACTIVATE® Refracturing Service

A collaborative workflow that leverages subsurface insight expertise and breakthrough diversion technology to recover bypassed reserves predictively and repeatedly at one-third the cost of a new drill.


CYPHER® Seismic-to-Stimulation Service

A collaborative workflow designed to maximize production from unconventional reserves and lower your cost per BOE.

Better Fluids Make Better Wells

We customize chemistry to provide you with clean, low-residue fluid formulations and additives specifically designed to help make sure you stay on time and on budget by keeping well productivity high and NPT low.

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Summary Ascend® Proprietary Blend of Surfactants Helps Boost Wolfcamp Well Productivity Mar 2019
Summary Operator Drills Country’s Longest Lateral and Deepest Well in Unconventional Field Mar 2019
Summary Fas Drill® Ultra Frac Plugs Reduce Time of Millout Operations and Save Operator Significant Cost Mar 2019
Summary Operator Gains Twice the Screen Life for Half the Cost, Using BaraMesh® Shaker Screens Mar 2019
Summary Operator Maximizes Lateral Well Contact in Complex Mid-Continent Reservoir Feb 2019
Summary Tiger Shark® II Pump Extends Run Life and Decreases Workover Costs Feb 2019
Summary FiberVSP™ Service Acquires Quality VSP Data in Significantly Less Time than Conventional VSP Jan 2019
Summary Swellpacker® System Enables Complete Zonal Isolation During Well Construction Dec 2018
Summary Vacuum-Feed Vertical Cuttings Dryer Simplifies Operations, Saves Costs Sep 2018
Summary Finding Success on the Over-Mature Fringes of Organic Shale Plays Aug 2018
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