Real-Time Services

Mention "real time" at a wellsite, and everyone immediately thinks about accessing faster, more complete reservoir information that can improve asset development decisions. Halliburton takes "real time" to the next level by including the connectivity and flexibility features that promote optimal data acquisition, communication and solutions-based applications.

Real-Time Services

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Summary BaraXcel™ NAF and DFG™ Modeling Software Help Operator Eliminate Casing String on Permian Basin Wells Aug 2018
Summary Baroid Helps Operator in Norway Save US$679,000 on Offshore Well Sep 2017
Summary BaraLogix® Services Enable Operator to Maintain Stable Wellbore in HPHT Conditions Jan 2017
Summary UK: BaraKlean® Solutions and CFG™ Modeling Remediate Prior Issues, Enabling Successful Completion Dec 2016
Summary Russia: Baroid Drilling Fluids Graphics (DFG™) Software and LCM Strategy Help Provide Successful Drilling Operations and Cement Job Jul 2016
Summary DFG™ software helps Husky Oil avoid lost circulation events and save US$24,500 Aug 2015
Summary DFG™ software helps formulate proper weighted pill density to improve wellbore stability Apr 2015
Summary Chile: WellSET® Treatment Services Isolated Perforations & Helped Eliminate Fluid Losses Dec 2014
Summary Canada: Drilling Fluids Graphics (DFG™) software allows Operator to save rig time and successfully drill challenging HPHT well in Western Canada Nov 2013
Summary Gulf of Mexico: Applied Fluids Optimization (AFO) service helps to avoid costly NPT in deviated GOM deepwater well Nov 2013
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